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creative direction

UX/UI & web design

pitch deck dev.

graphic design

social media


business strategy

the things I do...


Passionate about all things digital, marketing and design, I help my clients develop next-level digital products, brands, and designs. With a background in both marketing and design— I take on projects in brand development, marketing strategy, pitch deck development, copywriting, UX research, web development, graphic design, and more.


With sound strategy, I deliver marketing and digital campaigns that break through the noise and connect with customers. As a certified growth marketer, I turn ideas into campaigns that convert and help my clients outshine their competition, win people’s hearts, and get measurable results.


Marketing strategy

Lead & demand generation

Sales funnel strategy

Content marketing

Social media marketing

Email marketing

Conv. rate optimization

Paid advertising



Creativity and innovation are among my most notable traits, and I spend my days crafting integrated innovative campaigns that elevate any brand to a dominant position. My clients hire me to be in charge of the overall vision and narrative for all things creative, marketing, advertising, and design.


By stretching the boundaries of graphic design and digital storytelling, I create brands that stand out, tell a story, and truly resonate with the desired audience. I provide brand development, including market and user research, brand strategy, brand story, brand identity, and compile everything in a comprehensive brand book. 


Market & user research

Brand strategy
Brand identity

Brand guidelines

Brand system

Brand communication


User research

User journey mapping

Wireframing & flows

UI visual design

Web design

Software Experience:

Figma, Sketch, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Clickfunnels, etc.

ui-ux webdesign.png

A website is often a brand’s first and most meaningful point of interaction with its audience. I am a certified UX/UI specialist and design and build websites and e-commerce solutions that deliver a powerful first impression, drive engagement, and inspire joy.


Presentation and pitch deck design and development let me combine my love for and expertise in design, marketing, and copywriting in a fun and creative way. I understand how to use images and animation to create compelling visual stories and how to get the story across in a memorable way.

Pitch deck development

Sales deck development

Presentation design

Design & animation



A business needs copy for everything, from the website pages that drive sales to the blog posts that engage customers on social media. Starting with strategy, research, and planning, I help clients make more of their communications.


As a designer, I am versatile in my style and the projects I take on. I am passionate about most forms of graphic design and create everything from packaging design, websites, logotypes, banners, print designs, social media graphics to art pieces and more.


Print and digital design

Packaging design

Content creation

Social media graphics

Digital art


Software experience: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Canva, Lightroom, Figma.

Social media marketing & management

Content creation strategy

Engagement optimization

Influencer marketing

Paid advertising


Social media gives brands the power to reach their ideal audiences through granular targeting, relevant content, and meaningful conversation. My design and marketing background and previous experience have given me a vast understanding of the field. Primary expertise is content strategy, engagement optimization, and customer growth on the major channels.


I offer consultation and strategy in business development and optimization. I work to streamline, digitalize and modernize processes and customer management — to increase revenue, improve business organization, and take businesses to the next level.


Strategic thinking

Client development

Project management

Communication strategy

Organization development

Time & risk management

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